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General Protection Faults (GPF's)

Last updated: 24 Feb 2002

If you are running v3.00 then upgrade to v3.02. It's free, and it will save somebody posting to the list telling you to upgrade because v3.00 is full of unwanted little surprises! See 'Free Approach 3.02 Upgrade'

If it might be something to do with printing then see 'Printer problems (including GPFs, HP Printers)'

If it might be something to do with the display then see 'Display problems (including problems switching to a particular form)'

Search the IBM's Lotus Approach support web site ( for the program involved in the error (eg krnl386.exe, or krnl386.exe module 0001:0ec9) and see what comes up. NOTE: search the Knowledge Base, which is a different thing than just doing a site search - they are different things.

Despite what Lotus says, creating reports with more than 8 repeating panels will cause GPFs (still occurs in July 1997 update of Approach 97). So if you have more than 8 that may be your problem.

A lot of GPFs are cleared up by repairing or deleting .adx files BUT make sure you see 'Repairing corrupt index (.adx) files' and 'Deleting and recreating index files (.adx)' first, otherwise you may find you create a few other problems as well...

Some GPFs may be associated with corrupt .apr/.vew files (eg if it only happens when changing to that particular view). See 'Repairing corrupt .apr/.vew files'.

If you get the GPF in Design mode, then try switching 'Show Data' off, especially if you have a lot of calculated fields.

If this doesn't work you could try reinstalling Approach, especially if the fault has appeared just after installing some other new software which may have overwritten some .DLL's in the windows/system directory. If at first this doesn't work, try unistalling Approach first, and then reinstalling it from scratch. Otherwise try buying a new computer and then installing Approach ... ;-) just kidding!

It might also be worth testing Approach while there is absolutely nothing else running, and if it works introduce other applications and utilities that you normally use to see if the conflict is particular to one of them.

GPFs can sometimes be caused by having duplicate copies a DLL's in the Approach, WINDOWS or WINDOWS/SYSTEM directories. Fontmod.dll is a known culprit. If you have a duplicate .dll then Approach's version should be copied into the Windows directory. Other copies should be removed. However, be careful, different version of Approach or other applications may require different versions of that .dll. It is probably best to keep old copies in a temporary directory that is not in the search path (see the autoexec.bat file) until you are sure you don't need then.

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