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Approach User Support is a peer support network of free online services for Lotus Approach users and developers.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Approach Users Mailing List.
The FAQ includes a large collection of example LotusScripts
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Approach Users Mailing List (user discussion forum)

If you can't find what you need to know in the FAQ, then post your question on the Approach Users Mailing List. It is a free, secure and non-commercial mailing list on which many of the questions are answered by Approach professionals.

A distinctive feature of the mailing list is that it remains very 'on topic' . The listowner responds in private email to every off topic message sent to the mailing list, but (thankfully!) these are rare. The Topic

An on topic message is any message which concerns how to use Lotus Approach software, including relevant books, web sites, helper utilities, and information about new versions of Approach.

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Other stuff

Example Databases
Links to other online support for Lotus Approach

Special thanks to Sue Sloan (deceased), Paul Bent (deceased) and the fantasic web service they created and ran XpertSS.Com (sadly, no more) for their many contributions to the FAQ and mailing list

A brief history of Approach User Support
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Approach User Support is a peer support network, which means that it is about Approach users helping each other. This website, the mailing lists and the FAQ are all run by a hobbiest ( JohnBrown), but the contributors are mix of people from Approach professionals to people who are just getting going but who are also willing to share what they have learnt so far.

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