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Example Databases for Lotus Approach

This is a small archive of example database applications developed for Lotus Approach. The applications have been submitted by the developer and are available for you to download and install. The applications vary in quality, but all are useful as a source of ideas and to demonstrate various design techniques.

Just click on the application you wish to download and save it on your hard drive. Then execute the archive by clicking on it in Windows Explorer and the archive will automatically install the database application in the directory you nominate on your hard drive. The default directory is c:\lotus\approach\demo which is a good one to start with, especially if you have any difficulties. If you want to have a look at what makes the database application tick, but can't seem to get into design mode, try CTRL-D! If you want to look at the LotusScripts just press CTRL-K.

Job management databaseNew!23 April 2005
This gem from Mark Pearson is a great looking database application which demonstrates all the elements of building an easy to use secure front end to a database for manage the million and one maintenance jobs needed to keep everything running smoothly in a large (or small) business premises. Extensive use of Dialogs and list views. Built for v9.8 on Windows XP (but it seemed to work ok when I gave it a quick test run on v9.5 on a Windows 98 computer). Mark writes, "I am noticing that on some machines there are issues at times with the dialog boxes. I believe this is to do with graphics capabilities of the individual machine. Recommend no more than 1024 x 768 resolution unless people have really good graphics drivers." There is a password access of "admin" allows people to use the database but does not allow them into design mode.To get into design mode use the password "317146". [File size: Compressed = 116kb, "uncompressed" = 898kb]
Using Microsoftís GDI+ APIís from LotusScriptNew!6 Feb 2005
This application demonstrates some advanced LotusScript techniques. It shows how to call Microsoftís GDI+ APIís from LotusScript by loading an image into a LotusImage control and saving the image as JPG. The interesting thing about the sample is itís use of OLE StdPicture, StrPtr and VarPtr equivalents for LotusScript. Additional information can be found in the apr. [File size: Compressed = 271kb, "uncompressed" = 384kb]
Community Health Club membership management
Including attendance, court bookings, finances, direct debits upload facility for monthly accounts, and much more [File size: Compressed = 796kb, "uncompressed" = 6.03mb]
Staff management system (allowances, overtime,...) with individual user logon
As the title describes! This application demonstrates a host of interesting techniques, so it's well worth a look. NOTE: YOU MUST READ the readme.txt enclosed with the files in order to get the initial passwords [File size: Compressed = 561kb, "uncompressed" = 5.14mb]
Inserting a new blank record at the top of a repeating panel
Illustrates how to use a "timestamp" field to insert a new record at the top of a Repeating Panel [File size: Compressed = 80kb, "uncompressed" = 20kb, really!]
Find by Form as Dialog
Illustrates a number of neat but tricky routines in LotusScript, including how to use a Form view as a dialog box, and populating variable fields Finds activated by multiple key presses [File size: Compressed = 168kb, "uncompressed" = 309kb]
Writing HTML and text files from Approach
Demonstrates the use of LotusScripts to create web pages and text files. Each record in the database contains additional explanations about how to use it and how it works. [File size: Compressed = 104kb, "uncompressed" = 130kb (really!). Designed with Approach 9.7 on WindowsXP, but it work on earlier version of Approach and Windows. It certainly works perfectly on v9.5 on Windows 98]
Limiting the options in a drop down list using an Alias table
See FAQ article 'Limiting the options in a drop down list using an Alias table' [File size: Compressed = 42kb, "uncompressed" = 30kb (really!). Designed for Approach 97 or later]
Using a Picture object to replace a PicturePlus field from
This database demonstrates how to use a Picture object for storing images database in order to avoid all the problems associated with PicturePlus fields [File size: Compressed = 163kb, uncompressed = 205kb. Designed for Approach 97 or later]
Address Book and Rolodex
Includes a basic rolodex type view with a find by alpha, some basic shipping labels, printable phone book. Entry fields for birthdays, company name, email address, last time updated, Christmas card list, and link buttons for emailing in Outlook Express. [File size: Compressed = 72kb, uncompressed = 158kb. Designed for Approach 97]
Medication Sample Tracking Database (Updated 12th October, 2000)
The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations (JCAHO) requires hospitals and clinics associated with them to keep extensive records for the medication samples they dispense. This Lotus Approach file and database was designed to make that task a little easier. The DBF file is in DBIII format. It was created using Alpha4V4 for DOS. The APR file was created using Lotus Approach for OS/2 Warp 4 and is of the same format used by Approach R9 for Windows. There are some dummy entries in the DBF file and a non-functioning script for you to play with in the APR file. The creator of this database (Mark Davis) would like to hear any comments or criticisms, or suggestions for improvements. Read the text file included in the download. NOTE: This download is a .zip file from the creators website and is not a self-extracting archive as described in the introduction.
Student management database
A student management database application particular to residential colleges developed by Mark Pearson. It demonstrates a whole host of design techniques including custom menus, dialog boxes, and extensive use of macros to make the user's life much easier. [File size: Compressed = 255kb, uncompressed = 1.3mb. Designed for Approach 97 on MS-Windows 95]
Tugalong Station Guest management database
A database application developed to manage the bookings, invoices, mailouts, meals, rooms, cleaning, activities, reports and statistics at Tugalong Station (Australian for "Ranch") [File size: Compressed = 63kb, uncompressed = 238kb. Designed for Approach 97 on MS-Windows 95]
Sales Reporting Application
A Sales Reporting Application using Approach as a query and reporting tool for Notes, using Notes/FX 1.1. [File size: Compressed = 688kb, uncompressed= 3.98MB]
Sales, Inventory and Billing Management
Designed for Windows 95 [File size: Compressed = 347kb, uncompressed =2.46MB]

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