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Firstly, Thanks also to Information Technology Services at the Australian National University for hosting the mailing lists.

Thanks to people who have contributed example LotusScripts and database applications. Thank you to them for sharing their work and wisdom.

Most importantly, thanks to the following 155 people who have contributed the information contained in this FAQ. Without them the whole exercise would be pointless!

Adam Glick, Adam Glick, Alan Shein, Allen Sowles, Andres, Andrew C. Pang, Andrew Thompson, Ankur R. Desai, Anthony Barker, Atholl Tomlinson, Barbara Hull, Ben Schorr, Bernard Victor, Bernie Sakel, 'Bigjc6991', Bill Bosking, Bill Northby, Bill Tarkulich, 'Bobj19', 'bpogue's, Brian Grawburg, Brian Majesty, Bruno Dumon, Bud Stych, Carl E Lloyd, Carlos A Rodrigues Alves, Carrie Brown, 'CedarsMT', Charles A. Reid, II, Charles Atkinson, Charles T. Hall, Chris Hodgkins, Chris Holcombe, Christian Riis, Christopher Brooks, Cornel Huth, Cornelius Kömpel, 'cravd01', Dan Willis, Darryl, Dave Legge, David Allen, David Egan, David Gilder, David Hogan, David Sherman, 'DiamondAsc', Dimitri Yazbek, Dominic Fairfax, Don Imbriale, Donald Ravey, Doug Essinger-Hileman, Doug S. Varney, Doug Tymes, Ed Recker, Elizabeth Durkin, Ernie 'ernman', Fred Kennedy, Gloria sage, Godfrey D'Souza, Harold W. Clark, Holly Alexander, Ian Curry, Jack Bown, Jack Cameron, James E. LaBarres, James McCall, Jerry Sikes, Jerry W. Lawrence, Jim Berry, Joe Chaitin, Joe Duffus, Joe Winter, 'JoeF3900', Johan de Kock, John Cox, John Gordon, John V Nelson, Josh Greer, Julian D. Lilio II, Keith Seeley, Kenneth Poulsen, Kevin "kwic"/"kcwms", Kris Steenhaut, Lenny Grunhut, Lewis N. Payton, Linda Emmele, Malcolm Stewart, MANNYEAGLE, María Gabriela Molfino, Marius Bendiksen, Mark Davis, Mark Pearson, Mark Wright, Matt Bodine, Michael Attenborough, Michael Horniman, Michael J. Cook, Mike Armour, Mike Ballif, Mike J. Vincelette, Nic Townsend, Nick Ananin, Patrick Timmins, Paul Bent, Paul H. Sullivan, Per Johansson, Pete Gedzyk, Peter M Ladstaetter, Philip R. Rice, Philippe Astier, Philippe Mathias, PRAR, R M Reddicks, Rainer Schmidt, Rainer Zitzmann, Rhodri Edwards, Richard A. Garrard, Richard Preston, 'richardl', Robert G.S. Reed, Robert McDowell, Robert Schiller, Robert Udo, Roderick_Thompson, Rosemary Culley, Rupert Walker, Scott 'pccscott', Seymour Dupa, Stephen Clark, Steve Carpenter, Steve Llanso, Steve Waggoner, Steven Levine, Stuart Tucker, Sue Clark, Sue Sloan, Susan G Tragesser, Terry M, Thomas Boelskifte, Thomas G Flake, Tim Cook, Tim Daly, Tim de Gruyther, Tim Webster, Timothy R. Flick, 'TKDGuy', Tony Franks, Trevor S Guerra, 'Tropria', Vance Jochim, Walter Thompson, Ward Scarff, Wayne Maeda, William Lam, Zarief Marzuki B Lao

Most of these people contributed replies to questions posted to the Approach Users Mailing List, but some contributed information via the comp.databases newsgroup or the smartsuite-os2 mailing list.

Finally, a big thanks to Sue Sloan, Paul Bent and other "XpertSS" from XpertSS.Com for answering many of the questions posted to the Approach Users Mailing list, and for their many direct and indirect contributions to the FAQ. Thanks!

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