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General resources:

IBM/Lotus Approach support
Updates, technotes, FAQs, examples, smartmasters
Lotus Business Partners Program
Payment is required for Membership. Aimed at people who make their living by using and supporting Lotus products.
PCWorld is an online magazine that provides a facility to search back issues. This is a good place to look for articles comparing Approach to other database packages, as well as to handy hints, and ideas on how to optimise your productivity with Approach and SmartSuite.
PC Computing 
similar to PC World
DevX Get Help 
A site dedicated to giving developers help with technical questions for a range of programming languages and database formats. There is nothing about specifically about Lotus Approach or LotusScript (unsurprising), but there is a lot of information about database formats and languages you may be working with.

Discussion forums:

Approach Users Mailing List. 
Free effective user discussion via email. Probably your best bet for getting your questions answered. (mirror) 
This free independent tech support site features well supported discussions on Lotus Approach (including LotusScript) as well as other Lotus applications.
SmartSuite for OS/2 Mailing List 
To subscribe, send a blank message to The listowner is Xavier Caballe at
Lotus' Smartsuite User Discussion 
Includes Approach discussion. Lotus does not actively participate in this discussion but many questions seem to be answered by Lotus employees.
This a newsgroup which contains discussion about many different database applications including Approach. However, I haven't seem any Approach discussion on it for a long time. 
This is an active German language newsgroup which contains discussion about all SmartSuite applications, including Approach.

Approach and DB2:

Lotus Approach to DB2
This document provides information on how to use Lotus Approach 3.0 for Windows as a front end to the IBM DB2 Family, using the Open DataBase Connection (ODBC).

LotusScript resources:

Check the FAQ for some books on the subject, and make sure you look at the Archive of Scripts which contains a number of good examples that you might find useful. free download area 
A collection of example applications demonstrating LotusScripts

Non-Internet resources:


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