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Display problems (including problems switching to a particular form)

Last updated: 28 Nov 2003 by

If it is just when switching to a particular view:

 -- For report views, you can get an extra page to the right of your report page. To eliminate this page, under Edit on the top menu bar, select "Select All" to highlight all object boundaries. Scan the right margin of the page for anything that extends onto or beyond that right margin and resize it or move it back within the margin. Do not forget to check the footer panel! If your printer allows it, you may change the margins to a smaller value as an alternative solution.
 -- On Form views, Approach will not let you leave objects outside of the margins. But if you have objects that extend under the right vertical scroll bar in Browse mode, that can cause a redraw loop with some video drivers. The only solutions are to change the video driver, move the objects to the left, or change the video resolution so that those objects are no longer under the scroll bar.
 -- On Form Letter views, most problems are caused by corrupt text blocks. If you can get to the form letter in design, you can try deleting the text block and adding one back, or delete the entire view and add one back to your application. If you cannot get to that view in design, you can hide it and add a new form letter to your application to replace the bad one.


TIP: Since most newer inexpensive printers require 1/2 inch margins all around, it is a good idea to develop applications with those margins to avoid problems in distribution of your application.

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