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Printer problems (including GPFs, HP Printers)

Last updated: 16 Jun 2001

A simple thing to try is to select the default printer in the printer setup (evening if you are currently using it), and then back to whatever set up you want. This ensures that the current set up is correct.

Then, download the latest drivers for your printer. Search your disk drives and remove all old versions of the printer driver before installing the new one. If you are using Approach on a network make sure all the drivers have been removed from the workstations and install the new driver on the server for network printers.

If this doesn't fix the problems, search the Lotus technotes for tips and solutions concerning your printer.

If that doesn't help, contact the technical support people for your printer to see what they have to offer. Searching for their web site is a good place to start as they probably have FAQs and the latest drivers there.

Note: You may get differently results from different versions of Approach at the same time, so for consistency its best to stick to using one version.

And just in case your wondering, for everybody that says that Approach doesn't work well with HP printers there is somebody else that says they use a variety of HP printers and never have a problem... Go figure! However, if you are having problems here are some work arounds that have been suggested:

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