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Getting started with LotusScript

Last updated: 12 Jul 2002

Getting started with LotusScript is a bit like driving a car - you do actually have to spend time learning how to do it!

The best place to start is the resources listed in article 'Other information sources about LotusScript'

The look through the example LotusScripts for ideas, especially if some of them come close to doing what you want a script to do. It is often easier to start playing with someone else's script and getting it going than starting from scratch with your own script (until you become an expert of course!).

Some good example scripts to start with are the following, because the authors have included pretty explicit instructions about how to get them going:

'Example LotusScript: A button activated script that launches URL contained in a text field'
'Example LotusScript: Passing the contents of a field to'

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