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Storing pictures

Last updated: 3 Jun 2001

When you put a picture into a PicturePlus file, Approach converts the format into its own common format regardless of the external file type.

An alternate method is to leave the photo files as separate files and just put a Link into each record, or put the file name into each record and use the OPEN command in a macro to launch another program to
view the photo. You could put a small low-res version in a PicturePlus field so that users can preview the picture before loading.

Using LotusScript it is possible to use the Picture object to display pictures stored separate on the hard drive. This is the best overall solution that avoids all of the problems with PicturePlus fields. There is a superb example database available for download which shows exactly how this is done in the <A HREF="examples.htm">Example Databases</A> section of this web site.

Pictures stored using JPEG format are generally take a lot less file space than using bit maps or .gifs. The following example was submitted to the Approach Users Mailing List:

   362K memory size of image
   183K *.bmp file size
   193K *.gif file size
   52K *.jpg file size (low compression)
   27K *.jpg file size (moderate compression)

Note that the efficiency of jpg compression will vary with the complexity of the image.

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