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Creating a 'Help' file

Last updated: 12 Jul 1999

One idea is to create a database with a PicturePlus field and a text or memo field. In the picture field insert an image of the screen that the particular help file entry pertains to. You can capture this image by going to the screen and then hitting the PrtSC (Print Screen) key and then pasting it straight into the PicturePlus field. Alternatively you mat want to paste it into a graphics program (such as 'Paint' that comes with MS-Windows) and edit it first. Then put the require explanation in the text field.

A help database such as this can either be search in it's own right, or linked to an application to create a context sensitive help file.

Rather than trying to create an exhaustive help file in one go, another approach is to make a small start, and then add entries as it becomes apparent that they are required. This is the way that this FAQ has been created. Every now and then I add a few more entries, and over the years it has become quite extensive.

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