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Zip codes and Post codes

Last updated: 24 Sep 2010

USA Zip codes are available from:

Australian postcodes are available from the Australia Post website in .csv format (ie delimited text) which is easily imported into Approach:

UK postcodes are made up of two parts: The first part (outward) contains the area and district. The second part (inward) is used by district sorting office and contains the sector and unit. There are 7 formats for post codes: AN NAA; ANN NAA; AAN NAA; AANN NAA; ANA NAA; AANA NAA; AAA ANA. A list of Valid outward post codes is contained in the mailsort database available from You can down load a very handy Approach database of UK postcodes (valid 2002) here: [File size: Compressed = 205kb, "uncompressed" = 124kb]

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