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Example LotusScript: Converting Approach form to MS Word Document

Last updated: before December, 1998

This is a small sample of OLE automation between Approach and Word. It copies the current view, intitializes a new
instance of the installed version of word and pastes a picture of the approach view. More sophisticated automation, including
transfer of formated text is avaiable for a fee. Paste this sub directly into the global area of your application. Create a new
marco, choose the run command and select this sub. Switch to the desired view and run the macro.

Submitted by Jerry Sikes (Jacksonville Converting)

Sub Sub1
        Dim wApp As Variant 
        Dim doc As Variant 
        Dim r As Variant 
        rval = currentwindow.CopyView($aprCurrentView) 
        Set wApp = CreateObject("Word.application") 
        wApp.Application.Visible = True 
        Set doc = wApp.documents.Add()
        'wApp.Selection.TypeText  "add some text"
End Sub

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