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Example LotusScript: Accessing items in a list box

Last updated: before December, 1998

If you are wanting to use a DropDownBox then the news is bad ... you can't get the list items. However, if you use a ListBox
then you can. This snippet loads a string array aUpdList with the list items in a ListBox named lbxUpdList

'submitted by Paul Bent,
If CurrentView.Body.lbxUpdList.Count > 0 Then
  UB = CurrentView.Body.lbxUpdList.Count - 1
  Redim aUpdList(UB)
  For C1 = 0 To UB
   CurrentView.Body.lbxUpdList.CurrentSelection = C1
   aUpdList(C1) = CurrentView.Body.lbxUpdList.Text
End If

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