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Example LotusScript: Named Find Event with a different sort routine

Last updated: before December, 1998

This is another version of the Named Find Event script submitted by Paul Bent. This time he has included a sort routine to sort the Named Finds.

Sub NewFindList
        Dim aFinds As Variant, intLB As Integer, intUB As Integer, aFStr() As String
        Dim intC1 As Integer, intC2 As Integer, intC3 As Integer, varTmp As Variant
        'Get the named finds in the apr as an array of variants
        aFinds = CurrentDocument.NamedFindSorts
        'Get the bounds of the array
        intLB = Lbound(aFinds)
        intUB = Ubound(aFinds)
        'Loop through the array comparing each element with all higher elements
        'If the lower element is greater than the higher element then switch them
        For intC1 = intLB To intUB - 1
                For intC2 = intC1 + 1 To intUB
                        If aFinds(intC1) > aFinds(intC2) Then
                                varTmp = aFinds(intC1)
                                aFinds(intC1) = aFinds(intC2)
                                aFinds(intC2) = varTmp
                        End If  
        'Now resize an array of strings. We need the finds as data type string
        'to use the SetList method.
        Redim aFStr(intUB)
        'Load the strings into the array
        For intC3 = 0 To intUB
                aFStr(intC3) = aFinds(intC3)
        'Populate a dropdown box list with the string array.
        'The dropdown box is named FList and is unbound. When I created it I
        'had to type z as the first list item because an empty list is not allowed at creation.
End Sub

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