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Example LotusScript: Linked List class (beats 64K limit on arrays)

Last updated: before December, 1998

'List' is an Approach 97 class that allows you to make dynamic lists of any length. The following notes on its usage were posted to the Approach Users Mailing List by Ankur R. Desai:

Dim MyList List
'Note no AS
Dim MyList List as Integer
'Thefirst list was a variant list, the second an integer list
'Next cool part - you don't need numbers to reference it:
List("Fred") = 12
List("Barney") = 35
List(0) = 2
List(1) = 3
Print List("Fred")
'Values are added in the order of statements List(1) is actually the
'fourth element in the list
'You can of course
Erase List
'There's also
'and in a forall you can use the ListTag statement to get the name of the
current element
ForAll E in MyList
  Print ListTag(e) 'will print name of current element
  e = e + 1  'adds one to each element in list
End ForAll

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