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Example LotusScript: Handling Approach Object Errors

Last updated: before December, 1998

This example stops an error generation when no records from a Named Find
called from within LotusScript.

In Globals --> Declarations include the following statement on a line by itself. (Help says to leave a blank space after the statement, so I typed a space before a carraige return)


The aprlserr.lss declares as public constants some Approach specific errors.

The line "Public Const AprErrNAMEDFIND = 11022" gives you the error handler to use within a script. Open it with a text editor and print it for future reference.

This is an example of a button script that calls a Named Find. If no records are found, the flow of control passes to the end:

Sub Click(Source As Button, X As Long, Y As Long, Flags As Long)
        On Error 11022 Goto theend
        CurrentWindow.NamedFindSort = "A6"
        Exit Sub
        Print "Error"
        Exit Sub
End Sub

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