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Example LotusScript: Screen updating during script execution

Last updated: 12 Jul 1999

Using the REPAINT statement, followed by a 'YIELD' statement. The 'YIELD' statement transfers control to the operating system, so that it can process the events in its queue - including Approach events such as 'REPAINT' as well as non-Approach events. Eg:

'Script submitted by Jerry Sikes

Sub Click(Source As Button, X As Long, Y As Long, Flags As Long)
   Dim buttonlabel As String
   buttonlabel = source.text
   source.enabled = False
   source.text = "Executing Order Update"
   RunStoredProc("exec ucd.jerry.usp_fg_setvalues_01")
   source.text = buttonlabel
   source.enabled = True
End Sub

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