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Dialing phone numbers from within Approach

Last updated: 3 Oct 2001

Prior to v9.5 Approach used it's own internal dialer. See the Dialer tab in the FILE / USER SETUP/ PREFERENCES menu

In v9.5 and later versions Approach uses the windows dialer which has its own setup. You can use the following script instead of using approachdial so that the name (in Aname) of the person you are calling is displayed in Windows Dialer.

Put this bit in declarations:
Declare Sub PhCall Lib "tapi32" Alias "tapiRequestMakeCall" (Byval No As String, Byval A As String, Byval B As String, Byval C As String)

The create the following script in Globals:

Sub PhoneCall (Number As String, AName As String)
        Dim no As String, nul As String
        no =  Number
        Nul = ""
        PhCall no, nul, Aname, nul
End Sub

The Windows Dialer also maintains a log of calls made that can be accessed with the following LotusScript commands:

with source.parent
     call Phonecall (.Telno, .PersonName)
end with

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