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Running different versions of Approach concurrently

Last updated: 1 Dec 1998

A number of people have reported do this without any problems. However, each version before v97 requires a different .apr's. The following applies to running any pre-v97 version of Approach with any other version of Approach:

Since Approach can't save to older versions, it means that .apr's have to be developed on the oldest version that you want to use. Then, open copies of that .apr in the newer versions. BUT you should avoid using different versions to access the same .dbf's they also use different index files (.adx). Therefore you really should create separate copies of the database files (.dbf's) as well, but this creates difficulties if you want to make new entries or changes to that data. So therefore, if you want to share databases so that you can update them, everybody should use the same version.

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