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Approach v97 and Windows 98/vME

Last updated: 6 Jul 2001

Many people have reported that when using v97 on Windows 98 and Windows ME the performance in design mode is very poor, but the problem doesn't appear to be universal. Apparently Lotus is aware of the problem and is working on it, but Windows 95 is probably the best for match for v97. If you are using later version of windows then you probably should move to v9.5 or v9.6.*

The poor performance arises from Approach making tens of thousands of registry reads for every click you make in design mode. The slowness varies from system to system depending on size of registry, hard disk set up etc. The same click in v9.* versions results in just a handful of registry operations, and is consequently much faster. Download Regmon.exe from if you'd like to see what registry calls are being made by any software.

Other problems are caused by a conflict with Norton's Anti-Virus software. Make sure you have the latest version of Norton's, including installing the upgrade available from Norton's web site, or else remove it from your system altogether. Just turning it off apparently doesn't always help the problem (although it would be worth a try). One person reported success by wiping their hard drive and starting again, which seems to be a good thing to do when you upgrade the operating system anyway.

Another performance suggestions is to turn off the Microsoft "FastFind" option, as that is overhead you do not need.

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