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Upgrading ...

Last updated: 14 Apr 1998

Firstly, do you need to upgrade? If you are using anything prior to v3.0* than yes, you need to upgrade!

For other versions, see the article 'versions of Approach' in this FAQ to see what the later versions give you, and which version is the best one for your operating systems.

If you are upgrading from v3.* to v9.* or later, then it is recommended that you first upgrade and convert you database applications to v97, and then upgrade to later versions from there.

The rest of this article relates to upgrading from v3.02 to v96 or later:

You only really need to upgrade if you need to use LotusScript to create your own functions that are not possible using macros and calculated fields, or if you need to be able to use the web features.

Like all upgrades, earlier versions cannot use the .apr's created / converted to a later version. Newer versions of Approach cannot save .apr's in earlier formats (i.e... v97 and vME cannot save a .apr in v3.02 format).

Firstly, install the new software and install the latest version of the fix pack (available from the web site) before you do anything else.

In order to work reliably, all stored finds should be assigned a name. In v96 and later an unnamed stored find is only stored as a 'current find' which is then overwritten by any subsequent unnamed stored find. So it is important to name your stored finds.

You can't use the assistant for variable finds. Use a view find instead. If the name of the variable field includes spaces, the correct syntax is @"Name of variable Field"

v96/ v97 are unforgiving regarding mismatched field types when using a variable with a predefined find. The find will not work if the variable field type is not the same as the criteria field (although this DOES work in v3.02).

Some people have reported the following problems: (personally, I encountered none. Ed)

The v97 fix pack fixes problems with Export Macros causing GPF's along with other bugs.

In v97 reports with outer joins enabled fail to display data in two .apr's. In v96 they wouldn't group correctly but the body was OK.

The format of form letters may be corrupted and need recreating.

Some people have experience difficulties with some macros not working after upgrading. If you get some that don't work then you will need to rebuild them. Apparently macros with calls to Lotus Notes are particularly susceptible.

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