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The Approach ODBC SQL server driver

Last updated: 12 Jul 2002

The Approach v97 ODBC SQL server driver has a character limit of 254 (or 256, depending). There is no easy workaround, although there is apparently a complicated one. Basically this requires creating an intermediate database in which memo fields have been broken up into 254 character lots. This could be done either using multiple fields within the same record (in which case you in effect extended the limit to 254 times the number of fields you define) or by splitting the contents of the memo field over several records which all contain a common identifier in another field so that that can be linked together. So, an 800 character memo record would either take up 4 fields in a single record, or be spread over 4 separate records depending which method you use. Memo fields can be split up using the Middle() function.

Note: v9.5 doesn't have this limitation (apparently). I am not sure about the intervening versions of Approach

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