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Problems getting TeamMail to work

Last updated: 26 Aug 2002

If you are using TeamMail in Approach to send email through Lotus Notes, then make sure that the mail Program in FILE / PREFERENCES / USER PREFERENCES / MAIL AND NEWS in Notes is set to "Lotus Notes", not "None". If it is set to "None" then you may find that Approach occasionally locks up or will take an excessive amount of time trying to send the message, followed by an error message stating "Mail Error: Operation Successful", although the email is never actually sent. This scenario specifically occurs when the user attempts to send a "Snapshot of the current view".

This following applies to v3.0 and later and was submitted by Bill Tarkulich:

The "Mail Error" dialog box shows up usually because you have both Notes and other Email clients on your local system. Assuming you want to use a non-notes client to do the mailing, you'll want to change the configuration. A 32 bit application will look in the Registry; a 16 bit application, will look in the WIN.INI file.

32 bit apps:
TeamMail gives preference to Lotus mail applications by looking at the following key and sees the Notes app. and may go berserk: HKEY_LOCALMACHINE_SOFTWARE_LOTUS_COMPONENTS TEAMMAIL You'll want to remove the reference to the mail app so that Approach can find the default MAPI client.

16 bit apps:
Because cc:Mail, Release 2.1 and Release 2.2, are 16 bit applications, they require changes to WIN.INI. You must comment out the call to the mail application from the WIN.INI file under the heading [Lotusmail].

Outlook is a 32 bit app and requires removing the mail application reference from the Registry Key. I've got Outlook running on 3 different machines and Approach sends mail through them all quite nicely, once I resolved this.

Good Luck,

The following further thoughts come from Rainer Schmidt (Germany):

<b>Windows 98SE and prior</B>

We found out that TeamMail prefers to use a Lotus Mail Application and looks to the registry key as described by Bill Tarkulich. If it doesn't find any Lotus mail application, it produces the mail error message.

If you delete the key there, it's name might be „AddressbookLastFirst" with value, Outlook Express should work already, because TeamMail then looks automatically for the standard MAPI client.

As I use <B>Eudora</B> and not OE, this had no success so far. I had to install Windows Messaging and Windows Fax which are on the Win98 CD, but were not installed automatically. Maybe it is necessary to setup a path for the „Post-Office", it doesn't matter which path, it takes „any" path.
The programs can be found somewhere on the Win98 CD, I found them under: Win98 CD -> Tools -> OldWin95 -> message
After installing these, everything worked fine here with Teammail and Win98SE and Eudora.

<B>Windows ME and probably prior</B> (couldn't test it anymore after it worked)

A new thought was brought to us by Roland Bierlein with articles in the newsgroups "" and in "" (many thanks to him), which again needs some manipulation of the Windows registry:


There you can find the string entry 'Installed' with the value '0' (zero). After changing the value to '1' (one) TeamMail and WinME and Eudore worked properly together, (it did not work after 'simply' installing Windows Messaging and deleting the Teammail key). Maybe this valuechange is enough to get it run without changing and installing as descibed above (for WinME _and_ older Win 9x versions) - would be nice!

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