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SQL and Approach

Last updated: 20 Dec 1999

SQL or 'Structure Query Language' is a whole big area of database theory that if you don't know you will just have to go out there and learn it. It is a 'language' and therefore is akin to programming. So if you are not a programming or are not interested in going in that direction then SQL probably isn't for you. The SQL entries in this FAQ assume that you know SQL but want to know about how you implement SQL queries using Approach.

In v96 and later you can create and use SQL queries with just Approach by itself.

People have reported a few different things that don't quite match up about v3.* and SQL: either it is unable to connect to Oracle, or requires an Oracle or SQL-Server backend, or can only connect to SQL Server v5.0 or earlier tables. Whatever the true situation is, it is probably best to avoid v3.0* if you want to access SQL tables.

Whatever version you are using, make sure you downloaded the latest GA MDAC from Microsoft at

If you are using dBase files don't forget to start your query with:


You can perform an SQL query on only a single dBaseIV table at a time. However, you can add and join more than one SQL tables simultaneously.

If you know SQL and don't want to use the Approach's SQL Assistant, you can manually create an SQL statement in a text editor and save it with a .qry extension.

Also see article 'Using SQL from LotusScript'

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