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Working with Paradox database files

Last updated: 10 Nov 2002

A number of people have reported indexing and General Protection Fault problems when working with Paradox files with Approach versions up to and including v96. To avoid these make sure you are using:

  either: Approach v3.02 on MS-Windows 3.1 or (WFWG v3.11)

      or: Approach v96 or later on MS-Windows 95.

You will find problems if you attempt to use v3.0* on MS-Windows 95, or if you use v3.00 or 3.01 on any operating system. However, you will probably be better off converting your database files to dBase IV. Also see 'Accessing .dbf's updated by Access / Paradox' in this FAQ.

The Approach equivalent of Paradox DFunctions is to define calculated fields using the SSum, SAvg, SMax etc functions.

The following freeware purports to mend dbase and paradox datafiles, but I have not received any reports of its effectiveness:

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