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Using an alias to limit the records in a repeating panel

Last updated: 13 Jul 1999

This describes how to use an alias to limit the number of records shown in a repeating panel. Say you have a form based on a database A, which contains a repeating panel based on database B, and you want to specify criteria beyond that which satisfies the join to limit the records shown in the repeating panel.

There is no "filter" option on a repeating panel, but you can achieve the result using an alias:

1) Add a field or fields to database A that contains the values for limiting the repeating panel content.
2) Go to Create-Join and make an alias of database B.
3) Join B to A using the new fields.
4) Base the repeating panel on the alias of B.

Note that the contents of the repeating panel will always be limited by the criteria you specified. If you want a repeating panel to show all the records in database b limited only by the join, then you will need to create another repeating panel based on database B and not its alias.

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