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Summary fields

Last updated: 16 Mar 1998

Calculated fields that have a "summary" type functions like SCOUNT, SSUM, etc... only work and display properly when they are used on fields in joined databases, and not the main database for the form. E.g. If your form is based on a database called DEPOSITS, which is joined to another database called BANK then ON THAT FORM you can only use SSUM on BANK fields. A summary of a DEPOSITS field would have to be displayed on a form that uses BANK as its main database.

If you want to count only some records, use an If statement within
the SCount expression. Eg:

     Bigrecords = SCount(If(DB.bigsmall = 'BIG',1,0))

   ... will count records containing BIG in the field named.

The following summary was contributed by Paul Bent:

If you have a form (say) based on table A with a repeating panel based on table B then it works like this:

SSum(tableA.field) summary option all records in table A - will only
display in print preview or design. If you want to display it in browse you need a workaround using an alias table.

SSum(tableB.field) summary option all records in table B - will display in Browse if placed outside the repeating panel.

SSum(anyfield) summary option summary panels where placed - will only
display in design or print preview when placed in a summary panel on a
report. What it summarises depends on the panel properties.

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