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The Combine() function in calculated and memo fields

Last updated: 14 Feb 1999

The results of the Combine() function in a calculated or variable field is truncated to 254 characters. However, the results are not truncated if the function is used in a macro SET command on a memo field.

Use 'CHR(13), CHR(10)' in a Combine function to insert a Carriage Return/Line Feed. Eg. Combine(your.memofield, Chr(13), Chr(10), Chr(13), Chr(10), Chr(13), Chr(10),'Yours faithfully,', Chr(13), Chr(10), Chr(13), Chr(10), Chr(13), Chr(10), your.LetterWritersName)

The Chr(10)'s may not be needed depending on what you are doing. If you end up with twice as many lines as you expect, then remove all the Chr(10)'s.

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