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Conditional form navigation ( tabs )

Last updated: 4 Feb 2002

It is possible to attach macros to fields so that they are executed on data change or entering or leave the field. To have a conditional tab out of a field, construct a macro that checks the condition when you tab out of the field, which then in turn executes other macros depending on the outcome of the condition check. These subsequent macros would each contain different navigation commands. Eg the following describes three macros called Macro1, MacroTAB and MacroTAB2:

Macro1: (executed when you tab out of the 'ChristmasCard' field)
   IF(ChristmasCard=TRUE, MacroTAB, MacroTAB2)

MacroTAB: (this takes you to the next field)

MacroTAB2: (this skips the next field)

You can use this technique for all sorts of things, include data checking and standardising the format of data.

Like many tasks, this can also be done with a LotusScript. Create a LostFocus script for the object or field that checks the condition and then use SetFocus to jump to the desired field:

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