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Limiting the number of characters entered into a text field

Last updated: 14 Feb 1999

In v97, using a text field displayed in a Field Box, the default format settings will cause Approach to limit the number of characters entered to the length of the text field. As soon as the maximum number of characters is exceeded Approach bring up a message box explaining the error. For this to happen, the text field must be displayed in a Field Box, and 'Show data Entry Format' must not checked in the field format (in Design mode, click on the desired text field, then go to the FIELD OBJECT / OBJECT PROPERTIES / # menu item). Note: if the format is set to 'Display as Entered', then 'Show data Entry Format' will be grayed out and unchecked.

However, Approach will not bring up the message box until you enter the data if the field is displayed in a "Field Box and List" or if 'show data entry format' set.

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