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Stopping v96 (and beyond) from entering design mode when switching to a report

Last updated: 28 Nov 2003 by

You may not have noticed this, but there is no "Browse Mode" option on Approach reports that contain summary panels. But there is a "Browse" option on reports that are simple listings of records. This "fact" lets your user update the report's records in Browse Mode if the report fields are not read-only!

Back when V3.02 was current, as an enhancement the Lotus developers were asked to make it possible to show totals on reports containing summary panels in Browse mode. Since this was not possible, their "solution" was to switch the user to Design Mode automatically if the user manually switched to a summary report view in Browse mode! Oddly, a macro VIEW switch to a summary report will go to Print Preview mode even if you put BROWSE commands in your macro.

This behavior is controlled by a new setting starting with V96. Go to the FILE menu USER SETUP, APPROACH PREFERENCES dialog, and uncheck the checkbox next to "Show Report Summaries" on the Display tab. Then save your work and restart Approach. This setting is stored in each .APR file and is not universal to your Approach installation. This will prevent accidental switching to design mode on summary reports!

This setting will affect all the summary reports in the .APR file.

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