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Two digit year assumptions (eg 01/01/29)

Last updated: 14 Feb 1999

To avoid problems caused by 2 digit year formats you should always use full 4 digit year format. But if you do use the two digit format, the Lotus Y2K FAQ ( has this to say about the assumptions that Approach uses when dealing with two digit years:

"The first two releases of Lotus Approach, 1.x and 2.x, assumed all two digit years fell into the 20th century. With the 3.x release Approach implemented a fixed window approach to two digit dates. The window used 30 as the split. So if the user input a number between 0 and 29 that date would be input as 20xx. If the number is between 30 and 99, the year 19xx would be input. In Approach Millennium, Lotus standardized all the SmartSuite applications on a sliding window. This window defaults to and 80/20 split. Thus, two digit years up to 80 prior than the current year will be assumed to be in the current or previous century. So, if the current year is 98 and the user inputs a date with a year of 25, 1925 will actually be entered. But if the user input 05, 2005 would be entered. Likewise, if the current year were 2010 and the user entered 05, they would still get 2005. But the number 25 now produces the year 2025."

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