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21st Century Dates

Last updated: before December, 1998

If you enter the full year (e.g. 10/31/2001) you should not encounter problems. However, if you want to enter dates like 10/31/01, and you want to add only future dates you can use the following solution.

Create 3 variable fields, all 2 digit numbers: VYear, VMonth, VDay. Display these three fields on your form. Enter the dates using these three fields. Create a calculated field called VEYear containing the formula If(VYear => 95, (If(VYear <= 99, VYear, VYear + 2000)), VYear + 2000.

Then create another calculated field called, say, DISPLAYDATE containing the formula: DATE(VMonth,VDay,VEYear). DISPLAYDATE will contain the full 21st century date.

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