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Calculating elapsed time

Last updated: 2 Dec 2000

Time is stored as a number starting at midnight, incrementing in 100'ths of a second. So as long as your time does not start on one day and end on
another, you can simply subtract the timeout from the timein and divide by 360000 to get minutes. (100 * 60 * 60) = 360000

The following formulas have been suggested to calculated elapsed time over the 00:00 boundary:


((Trunc(FinishDate) + (Trunc(FinishTime) / 8640000)) - (Trunc(StartDate) + (Trunc(StartTime) / 8640000))) * 24


((24 * (Date_expire) + time_exp))-((24 * (Date_ent) + time_ent))

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