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Vanishing scripts

Last updated: 2 Dec 2000

This article was submitted by Paul Bent (Northwind IT Systems):

The script editor may become unstable while you're developing and testing
code, particularly if its been open when you've been testing forms as dialog and/or stepping through with break points. I've seen very strange things happen including disappearing scripts.

This is my bomb proof method for not losing work!! I do these three things every time I make code changes and BEFORE I test them.

1. Press F2 to test compile global code.

2. Press Shift + F2 to test compile object event code. In A9.5, if Shift + F2 does not display a no errors message then close Approach immediately, don't try and save changes. After Approach has closed an Approach message box often appears!! - "Error 160, Unknown class of product object" - OK it and reboot! You see this one quite often if you run macros from scripts and vica versa.

3. Save As to an incremental file name (never save the apr over itself),
close and reopen the apr.

I run a full unattended backup of my server each night. In the morning I
delete all the incremental versions except the last.

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