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Database being used exclusively error

Last updated: 4 Jul 1998

One possibility is to go to the FILE/OPEN dialogue box, select the dBase (.dbf) file format, then click on the SETUP button. You can then set the options regarding database sharing on the network.

Make sure you have 'share' or 'vshare' installed. Your autoexec.bat should have a line that looks like:

     C:\DOS\SHARE /F:8192

OR, the [386Enh] section of your system.ini should contain:

If you have a file named APR.V30 in your Approach directory, rename it to something else. It tells Approach that it is a stand-alone version and that it should open all databases exclusively regardless of other settings.

If you have a "sdBaseFileSharingMethod=Approach." in your approach.ini file, try replacing it with with "idBaseOptApproach=1". You do have to have a line in your approach.ini that reads "sdBaseFileSharingMethod=DBASE4" or "sdBaseFileSharingMethod=DBASE3" or some other file format. Make sure that all users have this parameter set the same.

Of course if all else fails, you can always revert to deleting every mention of Approach on your computer/s and re-install from scratch...

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