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"Macro error: Import table has changed" error

Last updated: 27 Mar 2004 by

You have a macro with an Import command that has the incoming file and field mapping predefined in the macro. Suddenly you get a message "Macro error: Import table has changed". In general, the error is telling you that there is no longer a match between the file to import and the target file being imported into. What are the possible reasons for this problem?

1) You changed the definition of a real field or added/deleted a field in the database you are importing into. (This does not include variable or calculated type fields, which are not in any database)

2) You changed the content/format of the file you are importing.

3) You have a corrupt database index (.adx file) on the database you are importing into. (People have reported getting this error and discovering that all their field names have reverted to upper case and have been truncated.)

If your situation is caused by a change in the database or incoming file format/definition, you can correct the macro by editing the settings in the Import command.

If your situation is caused by a corrupt index file, there are two other articles in the FAQ that can help you:

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