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"Someone locked this record" errors

Last updated: 13 Jul 1999

This error generally means that either someone is updating a record, or if a smartindex is being created.

If your a single user and this error suddenly starts appearing, there may be something wrong with the database. Try compressing it, if that does work, try deleting the index files (.adx), but make sure you read articles 'Repairing corrupt index (.adx) files' and 'Deleting and recreating index files (.adx)' first.

Otherwise, it could be because the clocks in your server and workstation are not synchronized. This can cause Approach to rebuild the smartindexes more often than really necessary, making a clash more likely. Check this before doing anything else.

In the end, the faster that a process can run the less likely a clash will occur. So you might want to consider speeding up your network.

Processes such as finds, sorts, and reports can be initially sped up by running a comprehensive find on the database tables before users get access to them. This forces Approach to index the database files which speeds up processing. Do this immediately after creating or compressing database files.

Other things you can consider are:

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