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Backing-up your data using a macro

Last updated: 12 Jul 2002

You have two options for doing this. One is a create a macro that exports all of the data that you want to backup to wherever you want it backed up to. However, this won't backup your .apr's.

To backup everything including your .apr's create a DOS batch file like the one below (a batch file is a plain text document which has been saved with a .bat file extension instead of a .txt, and which contains DOS commands):

cd c:\backup
copy c:\mydata\*.dbf c:\backup
copy c:\mydata\*.adx c:\backup
copy c:\mydata\*.dbt c:\backup

... you will of course have to customise this to the hard drive and file paths of your data and backup location.

The run this batch file using the OPEN command in a macro.

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