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DON'T delete macros, named find/sorts or scripts...

Last updated: 12 Jul 2002

DON'T delete macros, named find/sorts or scripts! Deleting things is a primary cause of .apr file corruptions. Instead, just rename them to "unused1", "unused2" and recycle them when you need a new one.

Sue Sloan writes:

In A96 and later, three corruptions occur in the apr when you delete a macro. If you aren't doing these things then you won't notice adverse effects:

1. All Run commands in macros that run a LotusScript sub are corrupted. The first one runs a blank and all the others run a different sub. Each time a macro is deleted they are shuffled round again.

2. All Message commands that specify two buttons, where the buttons run macros other that **STOP** and **CONTINUE**, are corrupted. They all run
different macros after a macro is deleted.

3. The first time a macro is deleted in an apr all existing and future custom menus are affected. Any macro created subsequent to the first deletion won't run from a custom menu. This is irreversible.

This was partially fixed by Lotus in the newest releases of Approach (v9.5), but not 100%, so we are still recommending that you do not delete macros or scripts.

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