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Files and File Types

Last updated: 5 Feb 1999

File types are:

.dbf = a dBase database file containing fixed length fields
.dbt = a supplementary dBase database file containing memo fields
.adx = ontains Smartindexes and information file created by Approach
         See FAQ articles 'Repairing corrupt index (.adx) files'
                and 'Deleting and recreating index files (.adx)'
.oyz = a replacement index and information file created by Approach
         if the .adx becomes corrupt. See article '.oyz index files'
.apx = an information file created by Approach when using Paradox
         database files. See FAQ article '.apx files'
.mdx = an index file created by other database applications.
         See FAQ article 'Using index files other than .adx (eg. mdx)'

File named like "Save49c6.apr" or "Savede40.apr" are temporary files Approach creates when saving an apr. Approach normally deletes them when the save is complete. If Approach crashes during a save they can be left behind but it's rare to see them. They aren't .apr files that can be opened by Approach. Attempting to open them will produce an "Internal Error 12345678" error message. You can delete them quite safely, but remember that there presence may indicate that one of your real .apr's was corrupted when your computer hung or crashed part way through a file save.

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