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dBase IV limitations

Last updated: 15 Nov 2003 by

Approach can use a number of different database file structures, but uses dBaseIV by default. dBaseIV has the following limitations that you might need to be aware of:

   - Text field size equals the size defined in characters
   - Date field uses 8 characters stored as text YYYYMMDD
   - Time field uses 8 characters stored as text HHMMSSHH
   - Boolean field uses 1 character (T, F or blank is stored)
   - Memo or PicturePlus field uses 10 characters stored as a "record number" in the .DBT file
   - Numeric field uses characters equal to the size definition plus 1. (Numeric 10.2 stores in 13 characters, 5.3 stores in 9 characters.

Some common error messages when using dBaseIV files: Information about field names:
Approach Field Definition allows up to 32 characters for field names, and it allows alphabetic letters, whole numbers, spaces, commas, periods, and arithmetic signs. If you delete the SmartIndex file (.ADX):

Information about sharing dBaseIV files:
Approach does not create or maintain the native dBaseIV index file for a database. This is important if you plan to also use the database in an application that depends on the presence of this index. Approach PicturePlus fields cannot be viewed in other dBASE applications.

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