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Designing and problem solving techniques

Last updated: before December, 1998

Try this: Rather than working with you main database, try setting up and testing out things or trying to solve problems on smaller practice databases. This way you minimize the possibility of you loosing valuable data, or disabling your main database when you really need to use it. For example, if your having trouble with an import or export, set up a very simple flat (i.e. no joins) database and view form. Enter some junk data into a couple of records and try exporting it as a text file. If this works, try importing it back in again. When you can do this, expand this test database so that it has two databases that are joined, and the data from both database is displayed on the one form. Then export some data. Add a repeating panel. Export some more. Import some back in. At every stage do only one thing at a time and test it. This way you will easily identify at which point you are getting into trouble.

Once you have managed all of this on your test database you should be able to solve the problems on you main database.

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