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Getting started with joined databases!

Last updated: before December, 1998

Understanding relational (or "Joined") databases is a big area, but is vital to fully utilizing a program such as Approach. It can be a frustrating time with many concepts to learn, as well as all the ins and outs of Approach.

DO NOT START by launching into some major project that you expect to be fully functional tomorrow. Start small, using some test data, and test each function before you go onto the next. Read all you can, and spend time carefully planning what databases you need and how they should be joined. Once you have the basic structure of your database set up you can begin entering or importing you actual data.

But as I said, start by do some reading. Some books are recommended earlier in the FAQ, but don't forget the Approach manual either. It briefly takes you though the process of setting up joined databases. Looking at the example databases that come with Approach will also help you understand how the different data in different databases is linked together to provide many facilities that are not possible in flat databases.

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